El Salero Jul 2007 - New covered basketball court

coveredbb1 coveredbb2 coveredbb3 coveredbb4

We moved about four cubic meters of concrete all with buckets to fill these seven columns.
I ordered 4.75 cubic meters of concrete and we used just about all of it.
The lower or first panels we shot in using the chute on the concrete truck.
The rest of the columns we used good ol' fashioned man power.
I figure we moved over 18,000 pounds of concrete all in buckets.
It took us nearly six and a half hours to finish the job.
One cubic meter of concrete weighs anywhere from 2.2 to 2.4 tons or conservatively 4,500 lbs.
Multiply that by four cubic meters and you've got 18,000 pounds.
No wonder we were so tired afterward and sore....
We'll take the forms off this coming Friday and start to place them on the remaining columns on the opposite side of the basketball court.
I'll let the columns continue to harden for a month before welding on the steel trusses that will span the court.