El Salero Baseball Field

The El Salero baseball field is currently in a state of transformation as we continue to improve the original field, removing the trees and brush that have grown up after years and years of neglect, cleaning up trash that either blows in or is left by folks using the field, cutting the grass and removing weeds, erecting new fences, walls and new seating areas. We've more to do but this field has now gone from what was truly, a field of dreams to a field of reality. Adult baseball teams use it for double headers on Sundays, youth teams use it throughout the week for both baseball and soccer and occasionally student drivers use it as a place to hone their driving skills before one of us chases them off. There also are the occasional horses or cows that use it for a grazing area. Those problems will come to an end when we are able to get all the walls up around the field.

The left field wall is 324 feet from home plate, center field is 353 feet and the right field fence is 301 feet. It is a good sized baseball park. We have plans to tear up the infield, put in a new pitchers mound, add a permanent home plate, add better dirt and reseed the infield. It will be a vast improvement over what is there now and the infielders will have to worry less about bad bounces on hard infield hits. There is still a funding need for dugouts, more covered seating areas and of course, more fencing material to keep the foul balls within the stadium confines.

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